Prada suits everyone

We all knew that “devil” wears Prada, but guess who else likes Prada? Director Roman Polanski. Yes you heard right. Prada has launched a short film yesterday at Cannes Film festival entitled ‘A Therapy’ and directed by Roman Polanski. Famous director presented this short film, as an intro to a restored version of his drama ‘Tess’ for Cannes Classics. And the only conclusion after a “therapy session” with film stars Helena Bonham Carter and Ben Kingsley is that Prada SUITS EVERYONE. What do you think?

Screenplay Roman Polanski and Ronald Harwood
 * Music Alexandre Desplat
 Production *Designer Dean Tavoularis
 *Director of Photography Eduardo Serra
 *Editor Hervé de Luze
 *Executive Producer Max Brun
Produced by Hi! *Production and R.P. Productions
click here to watch the full video.

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