Vintage box

A Couple of days ago, my friend Tina and I watched the movie “Midnight in Paris”…I am not the biggest fan of Woody Allen’s movies but this was enjoyable to watch. My friend summed it up like this:

“Charming, fun, and dream like.  A modern writer meets his heroes from the 20’s and makes an astute observation in the process. Recommended for those who want to watch something light, but not something mindless.”

…old news papers, empty perfume bottles, black and white movies, the smell of the old books, vintage clothing, forgotten trends, old records hidden away, crazy hair cuts, damaged furniture, old posters, a vintage typewriter with missing letters, a hidden diary, handwritten letters sealed with a red lipstick kiss, an old jump rope, Polaroid camera, my fathers old box camera, badges, my soft blanket, Alf, dolls from all over the world, and my cousin’s old white lipstick ..

Sometimes I wonder how life would be if I was born in a different time. People and art from the past have always inspired me. That’s why I decided to create a tribute to the cool trends, art, and people from the past…

From now on Friday is going to be a Vintage day

Today I am in the Sixties

P.S. Nostalgia is good, but the truth is we live in the present. Don’t forget that!


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